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Every department and business unit has its own unique content management needs. Some are looking for simple search-and-retrieval, some need to access information through their GIS, CRM or ERP application, and some want to enable repeatable processes such as contract management, AP processing or customer onboarding.

Contract Management for Higher Education

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Video You’re ready to get going with an exciting new initiative but legal is a black hole. Contracts go in but they never seem to come out again! This Webinar will show you exactly how a number of large universities—including the University of Southern California and Texas A&M—have eliminated the contract bottleneck. In just 30 minutes, I’ll expose the root … Read More

Texas AM – Contract Management

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Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center (HSC) reaches across Texas to educate health professionals and researchers. The HSC originally implemented Laserfiche in 2008 in the finance department; today, the HSC’s Laserfiche implementation spans eight different cities.

User Presentation: How the City of Norfolk, VA Streamlines Case Management

Alan LemusCase Management, Case Studies

User Presentation Part of the Laserfiche user presentation series, this interactive webinar showcases how enterprise content management is used in social services departments to streamline business processes. Mark Formella, Application Development Team Supervisor of City of Norfolk, demonstrates how to automate the handling of benefits case documentation, routing it to appropriate case workers, while storing and maintaining documents according to … Read More

Quicker Better Safer – Higher Education

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Today’s educational landscape is changing faster than ever before. Students and staff alike embrace mobile and social channels of communication. They demand instant, self-service access to information via the web. They believe that online processes can be both convenient and secure.

Quicker Better Safer – Accounts Payable

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This collection of real-world solutions provides an overview of the ways Laserfiche customers from a variety of industries are dramatically improving the performance of their AP function through automation and integration.

Five Steps to Accounts Payable Automation

Alan LemusAccounting, Case Studies

No organization is an island. Every day, organizations around the world interact with customers and vendors to keep business moving. The ability to process and pay invoices in a timely manner is crucial to business continuity—and yet, a 2013 Institute of Financial Operations study on accounts payable automation found that 71% of organizations still rely on paper to store and … Read More

Contract Management in the Fast Lane

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Webinar Managing complex contracts doesn’t need to involve complex administrative work. An automated, electronic contract management system reduces the burden on employees and allows legal, financial and sales professionals to make better use of their expertise.