Contract Management

Automate and streamline your contract management processes

From insurance policies to vendor agreements, contracts take many forms. They establish partnership and accountability between parties and often require considerable negotiation before being finalized. The time it takes to approve a contract can be as significant as the content of the contract itself, and slow, manual contract processing reflects negatively on an organization’s ability to provide excellent service.

An automated, digital contract management system reduces the administrative burden on employees and allows legal, financial, sales and other professionals to make better use of their expertise. The technology behind automation transforms passive documents into active drivers of the contract process, increasing productivity without requiring extra staff.

The Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) system reduces the time it takes to complete tasks—without sacrificing quality of work. Organizations use ECM to capture, store, secure and access information by:

  • Importing all documents, whether they originate on paper or in a digital format, into a digital repository.
  • Organizing documents in the repository, where authorized employees can search for, retrieve and edit them.
  • Keeping files in a standard format (such as TIFF) that can be easily shared across devices.
  • Archiving records as non-editable files retained according to a compliant records retention schedule.
  • Making information easier to locate during an audit or records request.

BPMI’s Contract Management solutions built on the Laserfiche ECM Platform enable your employees, customers, and vendors to expedite contract approvals, view/edit/sign/approve contracts remotely, and quickly respond to every contract request.

“Most of our documents are now routed within three days or less, instead of weeks or months. We used to have an administrator at each location distribute paper copies for signatures that were faxed—and sometimes re-faxed if they weren’t legible. Now the documents are emailed to a single contract administrator, uploaded into the ECM system and automatically routed for approval.”Corporate Commission of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians

Case Studies

Learn how other companies have made their Contract Management processes Quicker, Better, and Safer using the Laserfiche Document Management System as their business process management platform.

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